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About The Centurions

The Centurions travel the United States singing, witnessing, and praising God. Established in September 1971, Ronnie and Joette Carroll founded the group as a ministry with the purpose of spreading the word that Jesus saves, forgives, and heals.
This Southern Gospel Mixed Quartet is noted for its smooth tight blending harmony, powerful stage presentation, and spiritual praise leadership . Many churches and venues note that the Centurions leave them feeling like they have been in a song revival service. Many say they can feel the presence of the Lord in the songs and testimonies presented by this group.

added together this group has over 150 years experience in Southern Gospel Music, and the polish of their performance shows in every presentation. Their harmony, testimony, and presentation opens the door to worship. Yes, they have their light hearted moments, but they also know how to sing with the anointed power of God in their voices. The group is of one mind and one accord when they state that their goal is to lead new souls to Jesus and see those that know HIM be blessed. 

Over the years the group has undergone changes, shared the stage with many of the old time greats, and traveled to a lot of places, but one thing remains for sure and that is the love of Jesus is steadfast, and it will prevail if we will hold to His unchanging hand. 

The Centurions have dedicated their ministry to work mostly in Churches and religious gatherings. While we enjoy singing on stage with our friends, it is our deepest desire to have the opportunity to share the message that Jesus LOVES YOU, and to testify of His SAVING GRACE and healing power. Before every singing we pray that God will touch your heart through a song or testimony, but most of all we pray that His SAVING POWER will take control of the service. If you have a desire to be in an ole time song service atmosphere, then you will want to have the Centurions on your program.

The Centurions 2014